Our origins

How our church came into being

It all began with a home group

In May 1984, Pastor Corinne Scholz founded a home group in Hamburg, whose core group consisted of intercessors. Soon she invited guest speakers from the "Wort des Glaubens" Church in Munich, among others, who followed the teaching of Kenneth Hagin. Putting this teaching into practice, the house group grew by God's blessing into a larger group that needed more space.

Subtenancy in the Bugenhagener Church & Naming

The 1st move therefore soon followed into a small hall of the Bugenhagener Church in HH-Barmbek. Pastor Corinne already started to preach here herself, and additional seminars with the Munich "Wort des Glaubens" Church followed.

This church was and remains independent from us! We only took the name "Wort des Glaubens" in reference to the church "Word of Faith" by Kenneth Hagin in the USA.

First church room in the Menckesallee

After 1 1/2 years the group already counted 50-60 people and the space in the Bugenhagen church became too small. Therefore, this young congregation moved for the 2nd time, into its own premises in Menckesallee in HH-Wandsbek. Little by little the congregation became more international and grew more and more.

Current church premises in Ölmühlenweg

It took another 10 years until the move to the premises in Ölmühlenweg took place. But even here, the rooms are already so full that we are considering moving to a new, larger building.