How to recognize and to do the will of God

Testimony of Karin and Ingo

Do we always recognize the will of God? I think so. But we don't classify it always correctly.

Why is it like that?

Because not only God speaks to us, but also satan. Distinction isn't always easy. Because Satan is very skilled in those things. But God sticks to His guns. He repeatedly talks to us in a lovely and silent way, never intrusive or demanding. This happened to me during our last vacations. My inner voice told me: “Ingo, you should rotate tires on the camper“.

I acted promptly. Obtained an offer for 4 new tires. Got a good price, too.

Then a voice spoke to me: „Are the tires already that bad? Check again the tread patterns. They surely will still last for your holidays.“
I did. For the front tires I measured still 4mm and for the back tires still 3,5 mm tread pattern.

So I still held off tire fitting.

For several times those 2 different voices repeated themselves. I banked on the second voice which was wrong, of course (hindsight is easier than foresight).

So we went on vacation with the old tires. And we promptly got a flat tire. But God was merciful and nothing happened to us pesonally. In Greece we got the best tires for our camper for less money than in Germany even!

So God had warned me before because He knew that one tire wouldn't last. But I wasn't able to discern the two voices correctly.

Now I know that I should listen and act accordingly whenever the soft and tender voice of God speaks to me again. No matter what He tells me to do.

Our God was very merciful with us during our vacation which was again and again interrupted by breakdowns (flat tire, gas explosion, Karin getting sick, drive shaft damage and other smaller things), and helped us out of all things by His angels. Even the gas explosion in our camper didn't harm us personally. Also our camper merely had a small damage which I could repair with a small amount of money.


Thank you, that we are still alive....

Karin & Ingo