"Be reconciled with God!" 2. Corinthians 5, 20


If not NOW - when?

It is not by accident that you are here and reading this:

This is God's personal Love Letter to you.

He loves you. Unconditionally. No matter where you're from, who you are or what you have done.

He is the loving, protecting Father who you might have unconsciously been longing for in your whole life.
He is waiting for you with arms spread wide open and he is running towards you. He wants to forgive, to reconcile with you - regardless what was, without any counterperformance.

Actually everyone of us has thought, said or has done things which would never be found good before God. We all have lied or stolen a bit etc.. and therefore have broken the 10 commandments, we are liars and thieves etc..

But since God is love, pure and holy, no bad things can exist before him. If we would be charged before court, by God our judge, we would all be sentenced guilty and be separated from him. This separation is called sin (sin is rooted in the word ditch).
God hates sin, the deed, the "what" -  but he never hates humans, the person, he even loves sinners.
As humans we will always make mistakes or will sin and despite all kind of religious rituals, offerings or promises we will never be completely without sin. So what's the solution?

God sacrificed his own son Jesus Christ - God as human - for us, though he himself was without sin, and he has taken our judgements and has given his life for every sinner. He has given his life as price for the punishment of foreigners. That is the greatest love.

Because of this deed our fine was paid by Jesus and the way to God has been restored for eternity. 

What ever has separated you from God has been eliminated by Jesus Christ.

Dare the most important step in your life - and trust in him.

Our lives are unique and precious, but also fragile and unlasting and might be over at any time.

Therefore decide NOW for a 180° u-turn with all your heart back to God in order to return to Him. This return is called repentance or regret.

And it is never too early for that!