Pastor Corinne Scholz

Pastor since 30 years

Pastor Corinne Scholz came to Germany with her German husband and family in 1978 due to the the vicissitudes of Lebanon war.

In 1984 she founded a home cell group which rapidly developed to this congregation which has been now existing for 30 years.

The Pastor's vision is to lead the lost to Jesus Christ, to unconditionally proclaim the Word of God, and to spread the message of God's love for us humans and the redemption of Jesus Christ.

She innovatively understands how to lively combine her sermons with up-to-date topics from society and family in such a way that the Word of God becomes comprehensible and applicable, and so that it has a positive influence on our daily lives.

Many people got delivered from physical sicknesses or depression, and others who were in hopeless situations were shown a new positive future perspective.

Plenty were inspired by the spiritual freshness of our Pastor and have developed a personal and lively relationship to Jesus Christ.

She also encourages all believers to act as independant disciples of Jesus by studying the Word daily, to grab and to apply it with authority in order to grow up to mature Christians by faith.

Our Pastor knows her congregation well and makes time for everybody.

She lives what she preaches, namely the love of God, and how we can implement it into our daily routine.