Human Video

In 1990 the term Human Video was mentioned in connection with a Church drama in the USA for the first time (see Wikipedia). Our role model is Tim who has been performing Human Videos in our Church since many years.

Human Video is a description for a performance where humans enact the lyrical content of a Christian song without using many words or props, only by gestures, elements of acrobatics, pantomime and dance while the song is being played and heard.
Since there are no special costumes necessary it can be easily performed at any place and is meanwhile very popular. It is also always very touching and barnstorming while watching.
But also the actors themselves experience much more intensively again the meaning of the conceptions "Deliverance", "Forgiveness", "Love of God" and His plan for us mankind - while performing.

On the occasion of the annual Amateur Competition of ARCHE Church in Stellingen our teams of Youth Kids, Youth and Young Adults already have won some awards - the NOAH.
Furthermore Human Videos are regularily played on our Church events.