Young Adults

When is the end of being young, and at what age one is grown up?

When shifting from being "young" to being "of full age" the definition of age gets a new aspect because until 20 years one is officially still a "Teenager" and therefore the question cannot be easily answered.
But starting with 18 years approx. many things in life change - by School graduations, vocational training, own appartment, own job - and it brings along many challenges how to square everything with each other. And one is considered as adult only from 21 years onward.
So there is a special time inbetween...

Therefore you will find us still on Youth Meetings, in the Youth Band "Divine Rhythm" and the Dance Mission, as well as already helping coworkers in church services or simply in the midst of our services.
Most of us have been growing up here and just love to hang out together and to do something together. But we also love to see new faces! Just drop in!

Contacts are:
Amieke & Gardy Desrouleaux, Martha Karis-Nönnig & Titus Nönnig, Eliza & Daniel Kurzweg, Thorsten Voss.
Leadership: Tim und Bettina Wiesenberg