From Intern to Manager

Testimony of Ernst-Uwe Fritze

At the age of 52 I unexpectedly lost my job. I said to myself that only one can and will provide me with a new job at my age, and that is my God, in whom I believe.

I prayed and also let others pray for me. No change. My wife always believed in me and stood by me.

I did the necessary, but not more than that. Applications had to be sent, no doubt about that. But why should I be overly excited and send hundreds of applications? If God had something for me, He would show me and let me know.

But what was I to expect at all? Before I was responsible for the purchasing department of a couple of department stores. For over some decades my work life passed in safe, shallow waters. I always pursued my job well as purchaser and department manager. But all kind of modern and technical innovations did not reach my working place, so that besides my age I was not up-to-date on the job market. I had my employees for those operational works, so that I didn't have any reason to change my ways of working. And then suddenly the game was over.

I got a nice amount of compensation out of it and went on vacation to Tenerife. While I was enjoying my days on Tenerife and getting distracted from all, actually the Lord spoke to me. I always loved to read „Edelsteine“ (gemstones) by Tim Ruthven. While reading I had the strong impression to open to Jeremia 33/3. I read it, and it seemed as if the Lord would speak directly to me through this verse:
„Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not.„

After my return to Hamburg this impression was even comfirmed by another sister in Christ. But that was not all. Another brother in Christ, who I truly appreciate and who has the gift of prophecy, told me, that I would soon get a good job in the IT-field. That sounded to me incredible indeed as I did not have the foggiest notion about IT business at all. After my vacation the employment agency told me that I had to participate in some advanced training measure. So I attended Rackow-School for four months with a secluding internship. Visiting school was a condition guaranteeing the continued payment of the unemployment benefit. Due to the advanced training measure the employment center asked me to also expand my applications on the IT field, and not merely on my former business. I didn't like it at all, but I did my duty. To my surprise I soon got an invitation for an interview. But due to my former prophecy I didn't want to accept the presented future pespective. The whole interview and everthing connected to it rubbed me the wrong way. Therefore I thought about how I could turn away this „bad luck“.

Very determined I was on my way to this interview intenting to point out to the personell manager that I was definitely not the right one for this job. My whole defensive attitude and all of my hints on my missing qualifications were useless. My future boss said to me:“ Mr. Fritze, I want YOU precisely.“ So I bowed to the „inevitable“.

At the age of 54 I was provided a new job. At the age of 54 God promoted me, the unskilled IT-man, from intern to marketing manager. I didn't have any clue of the IT business. I didn't have any clue of PC's, printers, monitors, scanners, laptops, software etc.

I prayed and I learned every day, 4 years long. Sometimes it got really tough and I had to learn more. That wasn't easy at all. Everything was new to me. I had to work hard on every little thing. I was completely depending on God. But my faith increased more and more. My trust in God increased more and more.

That I, at the age of 54, had to submit to two young bosses was a hard apprenticeship for me, too.

One was atheist, but always on my side. The other one has been alter boy and originated from a catholic corner. He didn't trust in me at all and would have rather dismissed me instead. But when he noticed that our shop was running well – as I gained 33% plus – he wanted to have me for his marketing department. I allowed myself to be talked over, asked for a pay raise and entered into the marketing department without any title. This was pretty much extraordinary because the marketing business is like a true shark tank. Besides product marketing this metier is mainly about to sell oneself, to always play to the gallery and be the center of interest, and owning a title helps a lot, of course.

For a Christian it is the toughest possible. There people only lie, betray and exaggerate. But I didn't involve myself into it but sticked to Proverbs 2, verses 6-8: “For the LORD gives wisdom: out of his mouth comes knowledge and understanding.He lays up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly. He keeps the paths of judgment, and preserves the way of his saints.“

Part of my job was attending exhibitions and visiting our producers. God granted me mercy, favor and anointing on all of my trips. I always had a lot of love, power, humor, favor and big success.

When I returned at home in the middle of the night I still felt fresh. My wife was always amazed. Meanwhile I knew that for this kind of job I needed God's assistance 24/7. Without Him I was lost.
One thing I found very difficult to cope with was the fact that I was expected to merely take care of figures and money. The human being was fallen by the sideway. It was only important if the checkout was okay. Honesty and fairness were in demand. Without God I wouldn't have been able to support that. I have done every work together with Him, and was confirmed marketing manager after 5 years and accomplished all. I wasn't afraid of any trip or meeting and my ambition added to it.

I was very successful and because I overcame all difficulties by the help of God, I am today delivered from fear of man. I am free!


Nothing is impossible for God.. Amen. God glorified himself at my working place through me. Amen.

Ernst-Uwe Fritze